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Benthic Technologies, Inc. is a group of highly motivated, scuba instructors that feel that quality instruction is paramount to producing good divers. Although we offer courses that range from open water to trimix, we specialize in the technical courses.

Our training will be thorough and difficult, but it will be the best training you can possibly receive. Enrollment in a course guarantees you to excellent and complete training; however, it does not guarantee you a certification card. You must earn that. All of our training is performance based - which means we will work with you until you and we are satisfied with your abilities to dive to that level for which you are being trained. The course requirements listed on the following pages are minimums for completion.

Safety comes first in our courses, and this applies to the equipment you use as well as your personal safety. If you are in need of equipment, we can assist you by recommending reliable, quality equipment that is right for you as well as training you on their use. We are not a retail dive facility and encourage you to support your local dive center for all your retail needs.

A deposit is required to hold your spot in a class. The deposit is nonrefundable and is 50% of the minimum charge for that class. If you need to change dates, it must be done prior to two weeks before the first day of class, or the deposit is forfeited. The balance is due on the first day of class. Course fees are based on successful completion of all requirements in the minimum number of days or dives. If additional days are required to complete your training, the cost is $150 per day per diver.

Technical Diving Programs

If you have a desire for world class diving like the Andrea Doria or the caves in the Yucatan of Mexico, then you need world class training. We offer, and specialize in, a full range of technical courses as well as technical support and technical diving expeditions.

After taking our courses, and with your expanded knowledge, skills and experience, you will be able to participate in diving activities far beyond the range of recreational divers. This training has put divers on the USS Monitor at 240 fsw, on the bottom of the Great Blue Hole of Belize at 405 fsw, on the USS Atlanta at 430 fsw and on the Edmund Fitzgerald at 540 ffw.

If you feel that you are ready to join the adventure of technical diving, give us a call or drop us an e-mail:
Terrence Tysall
Amy Giannotti.

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